What do you think would make you happy?  Is it to have more shiny coins and money?  Or to buy something, or to wait for a certain bad episode of your life to end?  What would you do if you were done with a career in Hong Kong?  What would you do if you accomplished that very thing you thought would make you happy?

Would you take more holidays, see the world, spend the money, sit on the couch?  Or would you feel bored, unfulfilled, and wanting the next shiny, new thing?

Ultimately, what most people don’t realize is that -- you need to have a good relationship with yourself. It’ll feed out into every part of life -- because in the human experience -- we have health, wealth, experiences and relationships.  Most people get things kind of out of order and out of whack.  The truth is, you know exactly what it's like to feel overwhelming gratitude for your life.

We don't know how many days are there left for any of us.  There are a lot of there a lot of people who die with a lot of money bank, and they wished they could spend a little bit more time with the kids when they were growing up.  Start to live in the present. Because if you're living if you're living for tomorrow, you're going to pile up a lot of yesterday's.

I have a banker friend in Hong Kong who is a walking protein shake.  He has beat himself up spending 1.5 hours a day, 6 days a week in the gym for 9 years and rewards himself by eating lean meat.  He’s in great physical condition but his mind was not in condition.  So, as a trader, he had all types of anxiety that culminated to early arthritis.  And he had Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, a pain in the jaw due to stress and clenching of teeth or grinding.  And that needed surgery so he couldn’t smile. And it's all because he didn't have a good relationship with himself.

That's why mental health is the foundation.  Why do we want to have a healthy body but forget the mind?  You have to get your mind in order.  Even if your purpose is to serve others and help the world become a better place, as opposed to focusing on your own selfish pursuits, you still have to take care of yourself first.  Take care of yourself so that you can be helped other people.

That's going to help you find the happiness in life. Otherwise you know you're just going to be constantly chasing little shiny coins thinking that's going to make you happy.

There's a lot of research that suggests that gratitude is good for us. And as emotion It is actually super easy to invoke, because it’s always easy to find something you're grateful.  As a mental exercise, when you’re next grumpy, think of a major loss.  Like a major loss of peace as an earthquake hits your home, or you get hit with a huge lawsuit.  You’re not diagnosed with a fatal disease, you’re not caught in famine. But think of all the people who are, and all those people who’ve had their lives dislocated.  All those billions of people less fortunate than you would be desperate to just have your precise situation.

Have half of what you want in your bank account, or even less?  Well, if you died yesterday, you’d be so happy to just be breathing today.  Just think of what it would be like to lose everything, and then be restored to the moment you're now in.  This is an easy way to reboot and rest your paradigm. 

Right now, you have the freedom of choice.  The freedom to get up and get a cappuccino, and enjoy it with a smartphone for entertainment.  At least 3 billion people would trade places with you immediately.  They might be praying to get away from political repression or to get their health back, or to even have a few friends.  They might pray to just have the freedom to pursue their hobbies, rather than live in a warzone. 

So look around, and take a moment to breathe.  Feel how lucky you are that you get to live another amazing day on earth.


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