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  • New Beginnings Necklace

    Intention is the starting point of every dream, and will help create more clarity in your life.  Let this mala necklace be a reminder that your life is unfolding in...
  • Bamboo Straws (Dozen)

    Enjoy using a straw guilt-free and get your friends on to caring more for the planet. 1 billion plastic, petroleum-based, non-biodegradable straws are used daily worldwide. Our bamboo drinking straws...
  • Energy Balance Bracelet

    Wear this bracelet for some crystal help to balance your energy, returning you to your natural, perfect equilibrium.  When your energy meridiens or chakras are balanced, energy flows freely through the body. When the chakras are out...
  • Wish Bracelet

    Intention is the starting point of every dream, and will help create more clarity in your life.  Make a wish, and wear this necklace to remind yourself of good karma. ...
  • 7/8 Naked Hug Leggings

    We love these trendy 7/8 ankle-length leggings!  It feels naked on the legs but has support at the tummy area.  Enjoy a super-comfy second-skin fit with a bit of body...
  • Amber Roll-On Essential Oils Bottle (5 bottles)

    Easily roll your fave essential oil blend on your skin with these no-spill, refillable bottles.   You get 5 pieces, 1 for each scent! Use uplifting scents for focus, cheerfulness and energy.Use...
  • Abundance Essential Oil Blend

    Abundance essential oil combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.   PERFECT FOR Peace, introspection, joy,...
  • Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Set

    Need a boost in your life’s work? Yes, it's natural to want prosperity and abundance.  Receive more of what you want with the help of the high vibrations of these...
  • Intention Bracelets: Love, Happiness, Success

    Intention is the starting point of every dream, the fuel to your goals. Intentions will help create more clarity in your life.   SUCCESS & ABUNDANCE Wear this bracelet anytime you’d like to...
  • Valor Essential Oil Blend

    Valor essential oil blend is a top seller. This powerful, synergistic blend with a transformative aroma has contributed to its strong legacy as a key part of Young Living's proprietary...
  • Desert Sand Rose Crystal Box (Perseverance) - enhale Desert Sand Rose Crystal Box (Perseverance) - enhale
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    Desert Sand Rose Crystal Box (Perseverance)

    The Desert Rose will help you find that optimism and determination to succeed in your endeavours, despite perceived obstacles.  This soft petal shape can help you stand your ground, confront...
  • Citrine Crystal Box (Wealth & Success)

    Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone and is known for attracting wealth and abundance.  It also promotes self-confidence and attracts prosperity and success.   GREAT FOR For that added success in your life's work,...
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