Copper Water Bottle by Modern Yogi (1 Litre)

As Health and our Immunity is of utmost importance, incorporating The Modern Yogi Co Copper Water Bottle into your wellness regime, according to Ayurveda, can have numerous benefits for you.
These include:
* Improved Digestion,
* Prevents Cell Damage and promotes Anti-Aging,
* Regulates Obesity and Thyroid Glands,  
* Improves Skin Health - assisting with Melanin Production, 
* Heals Wounds Faster, 
* Reduces Arthritic Pain, 
* Kills Bacteria, 
* Clarity of the Mind due to the Water being Alkalised,
* and many more. 

For Best Results: Store water in the copper water bottle overnight (8 hours) or at least for 4 hours before drinking. 

Made with 99% Copper and 1% Zinc to Ensure Highest Quality.

For Optimal Use:

* Do not use scrubber or chemicals to clean the bottle
* To clean the bottle, you may use tamarind with water 
* Use only to store room temperature water 
* Do not refrigerate or heat the bottle 
* Like with any health product, consult your GP or Medical Professional before use. 
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