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Mármore Collection by Essencial Candles

The core of Essencial’s candles, the beeswax, is sourced locally from a bee farm in Hong Kong. Their goal is to get beeswax in its purest form, to combine it with premier / organic Essential Oils in a blend. All cotton wicks made in the US.


  • BERGAMOT: A sweet light citrus and floral scent to uplift your mood, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, eases tensions and headaches
  •  CINNAMON: It’s always Christmas with Cinnamon!  Positive effects on optimism, boosts brain function, relaxes tight muscles, natural bug repellent
  • FRANGIPANI: A rich floral fragrance, to uplift your spirit, promote inner peace and confidence.  Also is a natural aphrodisiac
  •  GARDINIA: Similar in scent to the sweet Jasmine flower, this aroma promotes relaxation, infuses healing and peaceful thoughts, melts stress, helps you sleep better
  • GERANIUM: A versatile subtly sweet, floral scent associated with balance, purification and coziness.
  • GREEN TEA: A light, fresh, soothing fragrance to relax your mind while sharpening your mental focus
  •  JASMINE: Layers of floral tones. Uplifting, calming but with increased ability to concentrate. A natural remedy for stress and fatigue
  •  LAVENDAR: Helps with sleep, calm and wellness. It's also eases stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain.
  •  LEMONGRASS: Citrus fragrance, relaxing, eases nausea, regulates blood pressure and is a natural insect repellant
  •  NEROLI:  A sweet and spicy Orange aroma, its aroma helps to reduce inflammation, alleviate stress, stimulate circulation, and uplifts your mood
  •  PINE: A crisp, fresh forest aroma to help you with optimism, energizes the body and clears the mind
  •  ROSE: A warm, deep floral, slightly spicy, rich, honey scent.  Inspires mental calmness and emotional stability


  • Approximately 25 Hours Burn Time. 
  • Available in 12 aromatherapy scents
  • Comes in a gorgeous pure cotton pouch to carry your candle. 
  • Net Weight 100g.  Reuse the empty candle jar or bring it back to them to get 10% off your next purchase.


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