Himalayan Singing Bowl

Sound baths are ancient tools with modern uses to bring body and mind back into balance, combating depression, confusion and low energy so we can feel more fully ourselves.  Choose a favorite bowl to accompany your meditation or order the whole set to balance the different chakras. 
The size of the bowl affects the pitch: a mini bowl will have a higher pitch for uplifting moods and cleansing energies. A larger bowl will have a deeper and lower pitch, more relaxing and grounding. 
Our bodies are 60% made up of water.  We all respond to particular sound waves, and so the effect on individuals of the same bowl can be quite different.
Accompanying your meditation or a sound bath for yourself or others!  Great to have around the home as well in case you need some good vibes.
  • Physically it can release tension, alleviate muscular aches and increase energy levels.
  • Balance your chakras
  • Uplifting or calming your emotional state
  • Meditation
  • Lounge decoration
  • Improving the energy of your items

Place the bowl on the floor, table or in your hand.  Tap with a soft mallet or slide the mallet circling the rim (don’t be afraid to use some pressure).
The sound massage is also thought to eliminate toxins that are stored in the body so drink plenty of water before and after!

Copper bowl.  Handmade from Nepal, so every bowl is different with variability in color and shape.  Comes with mallet.
Weight: 0.8-2.0 kg

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