Malachite Crystal Box (Positive Transformation)

If you're drawn to the vibrant Malachite crystal, it could mean that it’s time for a change.  Malachite is a stone of new growth, abundance, manifestation and intention.  It clears out old energies, bringing healing and positive transformation.  The crystal also activates the heart and throat chakras.


Malachite is often called the “stone of transformation” for openness, personal growth and love.  It helps bring energy and focus to a new growth.

Meditate with Malachite nearby and feel your energy meridians balanced, removing emotional blockages and opening you to new experiences.


Upon receiving a crystal, place in a cup or bag of natural salt to purify the energy.  After half a day, the energies that the crystal has absorbed before coming to you will be reset.  It’s now ready to interact with your energy.  

Perfect to hold in your hands (or anywhere near you).  Hold the crystal in your left hand for added absorption of the crystal’s vibrations and energies.   Using this powerful crystal in small doses is ok.   


Packed in a beautifully handcrafted wooden box (10 x 10 x 10 cm).

Natural occurring crystals differ in size, shape, coloration and formation.

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