7/8 Naked Hug Leggings


We love these trendy 7/8 ankle-length leggings!  It feels naked on the legs but has support at the tummy area.  Enjoy a super-comfy second-skin fit with a bit of body sculpting where it matters. You'll love it and live in it to the gym, studio, meals or even to work!  


  • Absolutely no Camel Toe --  these leggings don’t have the T-outline stitching at the front, making it functional inside and out of the gym.  Wear it to work or with a gorgeous top.
  • High waist and squat-proof sculpting.
  • Seamless cut on both sides.
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric to move with you when you squat!
  • Engineered to lightly sculpt, contour and smooth.
  • Moisture-wicking antimicrobial material.
  • Second-skin softness feel.


  • Extra Small: Waist (49cm / 19 inches), Hip (65cm / 26 inches), Length (84cm / 33 inches)
  • Small: Waist (53cm / 21 inches), Hip (69cm / 27 inches), Length (86cm / 34 inches)
  • Medium: Waist (57cm / 22 inches), Hip (73cm / 29 inches), Length (88cm / 35 inches)
  • Large: Waist (61cm / 24 inches), Hip (77cm / 30 inches), Length (90cm / 36 inches)


Everyone wears leggings for different events.  Going to the office, gym, running a marathon, eating out with a cute outfit, or even under a tutu! 

Does the perfect pair of leggings exist though?   We think so. 

  1. Fabric Feel: We love this naked, but hugged feeling.  The level of  a tightness should be chosen based on how you want to feel during and after training, sitting in the office and going out for dinner.  Not too tight on the tummy area, but some support for that body smoothing effect.  Also, it feels light on the legs, where you really don’t need compression for everyday wear.  You might want compression pants for varicose veins or recovery from a triathlon, but for every day wear – you really want comfort and looks-good over a muffin-top compression tights.  We’re really over that “dig into your skin” feel.
  2. Performance: Breathability, 4 way stretch and moisture wicking are important for choosing the right pair.  Whether you’re sitting in lotus position, on a sofa or doing squats, you want the leggings to not feel heavy or thick to restrict your motion.  For every day, you might want a less restricting, gentle, light tummy and thigh compression leggings that fluidly moves with you
  3. Fit: There’s nothing worse than loose fabric at the back when you’re doing a squat. Or extra flap around the hips or ankles.  It just doesn’t look good, and doesn’t need to happen.  This naked sensation tights deliver that “I can sleep in this” feeling with high performance technical properties.
  4. Function: It’s important to think about the functional intent of the leggings.  We prefer a classic cut and pattern because you want to be able to have one leggings that rules them all!  One that you can wear for work, training and hanging out.  Something you can wear with high heels, flip flops and sneakers. 
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