Citrine Crystal Box (Wealth & Success)

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone and is known for attracting wealth and abundance.  It also promotes self-confidence and attracts prosperity and success.



For that added success in your life's work, positivity, joy and energy. Citrine crystals will give you inspiration and increase your energy and drive. 


Citrine is one of the rare crystals you don't have to energetically reset.  It’s always now ready to interact with your energy.

Perfect to hold in your hands (or anywhere near you).  Hold the crystal in your left hand for added absorption of the crystal’s vibrations and energies.   

Citrine Stone.

Packed in a beautifully handcrafted wooden box (10 x 10 x 10 cm).

Natural occurring crystals differ in size, shape, coloration and formation.



Scientifically, crystals have the lowest entropy, meaning they're the most orderly structure that exists in nature with the lowest disorder.  Like a teenager's room would have a high level of entropy by the day if she doesn't clean it up. Crystals oscillate at specific frequencies -- for example the quartz in watches oscillates at the appropriate frequency to tell time. The way they are balanced with the orderly structure, the frequencies they emit through vibrations, and their ability to store information makes crystals essential to modern technologies. This is why there are crystals in watches, silicon chips, monitors and even GPS guidance technologies. 

People have also used crystals for millennia.   From shamans, to priests to royalty.  Ancient wisdom knew that, when held close, the stones held certain characteristics.  Every crystal type has a different purpose, so it depends what you’re looking for.


Cleaning a crystal is a necessary as cleaning your face or brushing your teeth.  Crystals energetically pick up the vibes around them.  This could make them a little dense and could blunt their energies.  You want to clean your crystal to make it go from stale to brand spanking new.

Avoid touching other people's crystals or having other people you don't know carry your crystal.  Because it's yours and it should jive with you. 

If they're unaware of the energetic properties of crystals, people love touching crystals, because it's shiny, gorgeous, and they want to look at all the fine edges. But your crystals would be filled with your own energy and spark.  It personally attunes to you and no one needs to put their energy on it.  


  • Soak them in water and natural salt:  Natural or sea salt purifies and absorbs negative energy. Note that some crystals with a "ite" on the end don't jive well with water.  Some crystals dissolve slightly when wet. Common stones that shouldn't be soaked in water: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite. 
  • Moonlight bathing for at least 24 hours:  Leave the crystals out a 1-3 days before and after the full moon.  The lunar energy recharges and resets the stones. 
  • Sage and Palo Santo:  Burn sage and palo santo and use their smoke around your crystal to remove negative energies and purify. 
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