Growing up and living in a unique and conscious environment in the presence of Osho in India, Geeta began her thirst for self-discovery and healing. Geeta found inner growth through meditation, various therapies and spiritual practises. She has practised holistic therapies for over 24 years and is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Osho Neo-Reiki Master, yoga teacher and meditation coach. Since childhood, meditation has been a constant in her life. “All these modalities are tools to unlock our potential for self-discovery. Through healing the body, mind and emotions we can live a life of freedom, self-love and deep contentment.”

Geeta’s Sanchotene Guru Osho, is a Mystic of our time. He defies categorization. His thousands of talks cover everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today. About his own work Osho has said that he is helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being. He often characterizes this new human being as “Zorba the Buddha” – capable both of enjoying the earthy pleasures of a Zorba the Greek and the silent serenity of a Gautama the Buddha. Running like a thread through all aspects of Osho’s talks and meditations is a vision that encompasses both the timeless wisdom of all ages past and the highest potential of today’s (and tomorrow’s) science and technology.

Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life. His unique OSHO Active Meditations are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind, so that it is then easier to take an experience of stillness and thought-free relaxation into daily life.


Nadabrahma is the humming meditation – through humming and hand movements conflicting parts of you start falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you “slip out of their hold” and become a witness to both. This watching from the outside is what brings peace, silence and bliss.

“So in Nadabrahma, remember this: let the body and mind be totally together, but remember that you have to become a witness. Get out of them, easily, slowly, from the back door, with no fight, with no struggle.” Osho


This mediation is for anyone who is experiencing Physical Pain – whether it is chronic or acute and is open to all levels of meditators. This session is to guide and assist you in understanding that the pain is not fighting you, but rather it is our bodies signaling to us that it needs attention. This mediation will give you an alternative way of dealing with pain rather than using conventional medication.

Pain affects us all at some point in our lives, and in varying degrees. Our perception of pain is largely influenced by our attitude towards it. Typically, we resist and resent pain. In fighting it, in tightening against it, we create tension, and that tension increases the pain. It may seem counterintuitive to relax, yet by approaching the area around the sensation consciously and tenderly, our perception alters: the pain lessens.

It is also helpful to understand that pain is not against us but is a signal that our body needs our attention.

Her sessions are an invitation to journey within yourself and to unlock the door of your potential and self-discovery through healing the body and mind, as well as clearing the way for the soul to express itself within a very safe environment of deep care and respect.


In Japanese, Reiki means universal life force. This guided meditation starts with a guided Awareness meditation that flows to individual Reiki healing to leave you insightful, calm and refreshed. On a scientific level, studies show Reiki increases white blood cell count to boost the immune system. It can also relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety and much more. You only need to keep an open mind and set an intention on healing. As always, open to all levels.

Private Class

We offer 60-minute private sessions with your preferred coach. You’ll get personalized expert guidance, catered to your goals. Deepen your meditation experience and keep progressing.

This session is for one person only - unless otherwise stated. If you would like to arrange a private group session, please contact us at

Not sure which coach to enlist? Our coaches have deep expertise in various skills. Contact us at so we can discuss the right one for you.


***Cancellation Policy***

You will be contacted upon purchase of your class to schedule this session in. If no time can be agreed upon, the full amount will be refunded to the client. 

All private classes, will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment and the successful scheduling of the session. 

Once booked and confirmed, cancellations will not be allowed less than 7 calendar days prior to the date of the booking.

You may reschedule subject to availability up to 24 hours prior to your session. A  surcharge of $500 will be charged for any session to be rescheduled. 

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