HANA GROBLER (Om Chanting, Art Therapy & PHEN Kinesiology)



Meditation and Healing Guide, Art Therapy Coach, Intuitive Artist, Certified OM Chanting & Project Mantra organizer and Atma Kriya Yogi

Hana started to explore art therapy and meditation world when her life became demanding 7 years ago.
It helped her to reduce her stress and heal the anxiety when she became a mother and suffered insomnia.
She decided to use the deep healing experiences further with others after finishing her art therapy and mindfulness certifications.

When Hana was looking for more techniques to deepen the healing and raising the state of happiness, she found the answers amongst the studies of ancient eastern techniques like mantra meditation, Om Chanting, Sri Yantra and Atma Kriya Yoga taught by Bhakti Marga organisation.

She realised the beauty and power that lies within each of us. Therefore she has decided to combine her knowledge of East and West to bring profound shifts and healings to others and the environment.

Her focus is always on empowering you to restore your harmony within and around.


OM is the universal sound of creation, the highest and purest vibration that exists.  OM Chanting is a group practice that uses the transformational power of OM to activate the self-healing potential of participants and purify the local environment for 2 kilometres.  Resonation of Om Chanting in specific circle formations creates powerful vibrations in the middle of circle. These vibrations start restoring everything and everyone around. Just like you watch the waves created by one stone in the water, you can feel the wave’s effect from Om chanting too.

People from all kinds of religious and cultural backgrounds have been participating in OM Chanting groups all over the world for years now. This practise is meant for everyone.


  • Transform negativity into positive energy
  • Support your emotional, mental and physical well-being
  • Cultivate more love, joy and peace for the world
  • Releasing emotions and restoring peace
  • Improving environment and the relationship between human and nature
  • Calming the mind and restoring the inner balance
  • Removing obstacles on your spiritual path
  • Help with spiritual heart opening and connecting to your high selves
  • Improved sleep
  • Offer support during pregnancy

From the vibes of rhythms and sounds, repeating an affirmation in your mind or out loud can still your brain. There are many ways to work with words or phrases that can unwind tension and stimulate energy. With repetition, a mantra can help you change your inner dialog from criticizing to congratulating, leaving you feeling grounded, and as the greatest version of you. Fun fact: Humming is an extremely effective means of increasing sinus ventilation, up to 15 times more effective than silent breathing.


Reconnect with your inner creativity through mindfulness-based art. This session uses different mediums of arts to observe, reflect and listen. Techniques covered may include drawing, coloring, cutting, collages, writing and sharing. The creative experience will help you connect to your deeper dimensions, finding your inner resources and new insights. No art skills required to be expressive.



PHEN = Phenomena – primordial cause of the problem

It is an advanced comprehensive health therapy technique based on muscle testing and identifying the prime root cause – Phenomena of the issues. Very often we absorb negative programs through our life not even being aware of it (for example during our childhood, puberty etc) and that changes our functioning.

Our muscles are attached to our nervous system and brain. Therefore we are able to access specific original records in the brain (often subconsciousness that it is not easily accessible) to release the negative patterns successfully and rewrite the record safely.

The balancing process can therefore be an educational experience, helping us to understand what’s really going on in our body/life. It increases our awareness and helps us to make more positive and informed choices about how to direct our life.

This technique is non invasive and suitable for all ages including children, addicted or mentally sick people and generally for anyone who is suffering on any level or wants to improve his/her life.

The PHEN kinesiologist focuses on clients’s personal problems (longterm or acute) and uses standardised systems and constellations which enable us to go deeper into the issue and activate inner unblock and healing.

Therefore it can access even very complicated topics that many people are suffering with and standard techniques or therapies are not able to solve them.

It is not part of any religion or philosophy. It is a part of therapeutic health systems. 

This treatment can address many issues as:

Fears, anxiety, depression and stress related issues

Sleeping problems

Chronic pain and fatigue

Family and kids behaviours issue

Communication, speech and learning problems

Concentration and productivity

Addictions and unwanted behaviour

Sex, intimacy and partnership

Conception and pregnancy support

Improving relationships at home, work, family & with life generally

Financial and work issues


Health support (hormonal, skin, immunity, digestive and other health issues)

Decision making support

Many people are suffering with psychosomatic disEASEs and stress related issues where standard medicine help to reduce the symptoms but struggles to access the root cause safely.

This session will require 2 Hours.

Private Class

We offer 60-minute private sessions with your preferred coach. You’ll get personalized expert guidance, catered to your goals. Deepen your meditation experience and keep progressing.

This session is for one person only - unless otherwise stated. If you would like to arrange a private group session, please contact us at chill@enhalems.com

Not sure which coach to enlist? Our coaches have deep expertise in various skills. Contact us at chill@enhalems.com so we can discuss the right one for you.

***Cancellation Policy***

You will be contacted upon purchase of your class to schedule this session in. If no time can be agreed upon, the full amount will be refunded to the client. 

All private classes, will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment and the successful scheduling of the session. 

Once booked and confirmed, cancellations will not be allowed less than 7 calendar days prior to the date of the booking.

You may reschedule subject to availability up to 24 hours prior to your session. A  surcharge of $500 will be charged for any session to be rescheduled. 

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