New Beginnings Necklace


Intention is the starting point of every dream, and will help create more clarity in your life.  Let this mala necklace be a reminder that your life is unfolding in beautiful ways.  We might not always get what we want now… because we are getting far bigger and better things.   Let the best opportunities unfold themselves to you, and may all the doors open for the right paths you will take.

The word or symbol on the pendant “hum” represents the spirit of enlightenment.
New beginnings, trust, faith, journeying on a new path, fulfilling an intention
It’s a great accessory for daily mindfulness, for casual and formal wear.  Keep the necklace to remind you that the universe is on your side.
Copper, Matte Amazon Stone, Picture Stone, Red Turquoise
Pendant Size: 11 cm
Beads: 108 total beads, each 8mm in size, total of 112cm length

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