Mini Heart Crystal


Carry a secret weapon to boost the energy you’re attracting to your life.  This puff heart is hand polished, smooth and 100% natural. 

Rose Quartz:  this gentle pink stone has ability to open your heart chakra, to let the energy flow through properly.  This helps in inviting more love in your life and for yourself.

Red Banded Agate: this stone is popular to help in your life’s work, increasing focus and analytical abilities.   It also encourages meditation and assimilation of what we’re learning in life, in what we read and what we experience, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.

Tiger’s Eye: is a powerful stone for clarity on inner vision and better assimilation of information, so we can make better decisions.  If we’re feeling stuck but also fearful of moving on to the unknown, it supports necessary change by strengthening our will to realize our dreams.  Tiger’s Eye is great for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it.


Portable for your bag, every time you need that extra bit of boost to your love, healing and abundance.

It’s also a great decoration for home.


Upon receiving a crystal, place in a cup or bag of natural salt to purify the energy.  After half a day, the energies that the crystal has absorbed before coming to you will be reset.  It’s now ready to interact with your energy.

Perfect to hold in your hands or place in your bag.  Hold the crystal in your left hand for added absorption of the crystal’s vibrations and energies.    


Natural occurring crystals differ in coloration and formation.

Approximate Size: 25mm x 25mm x 12mm

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