Tools for Transformation book

Aldo says: 'Man is Moving Beyond Sickness' is a book about restoring
health and well-being back to our own default settings. Most of our
health issues are easily curable but the cause are suppressed down
hidden in our unconscious, so we don't know the cause only experience
the symptoms.

Become the author of your own health, this book shows you how to
identify the unconscious limiting programs and beliefs that are holding
you back from your success, not only in your health but across the
spectrum of your life.

The book is strategically designed to take you through a process of
releasing as you. This achieved by identifying the hidden blocks &
hold-downs in our subconscious as you are reading the book.

The more your read the book the more revelations become apparent leading
to an internal freeing process mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.
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